about me


My name is Monika Kraft and I am a freelance production manager and content producer specializing in photo & moving-image production. I love helping brands and companies communicate their stories through videos and photos. I can cover the entire production process and materialize your creative concepts on screens or in print.  

Currently, I dedicate my time to my own project krft One Woman Production. It has started while I was a Production Manager at ZOOT, where I was responsible for producing whatever was needed from campaigns, through lookbooks to TV commercials. I took part in creating every concept with the in-house marketing team. Later on, it was my responsibility to turn all ideas into reality. At that time, I was very lucky, because I have found and built up a great team of creative and capable professionals. We continue working together on other great projects until today.

I am fascinated by the production process when nothing becomes something. Even more, I enjoy being part of that process and knowing how much effort was made until the spectators see the final outcome. My aim is to learn new skills and broaden the female community in the film industry by helping filmmakers tell their stories in the form of short or feature films.

I come from Prague, but I currently live in Bratislava. When I am not hustling backstage you can bet I am either on the road, traveling the world or visiting flea markets chasing old but gold stuff.

So far I have worked with: MADE by Vaculik, Jandl,  ZOOT, TRIAD Advertising, LÁV, Bára Prášilová Photography, ALEXMONHART, ToyBox, Fashion Revolution, Savoy Restaurant, SLOU Days, etc. Check out my complete portfolio here.