Monika Kraft is a Czech-born producer and her approach to work is all about

balance.  It is probably related to the fact, that she is a Libra. Hence in her

portfolio you will find both commercial and art work or independent movies.

In every format she produces, she really appreciates a narrative with a message worth spreading.

Representing and bringing together all kinds of different voices within the film and advertising

industry is very important to her. Whether it is in the crew or cast. 

She is based between Czech Republic and Slovakia and works with various production companies. In

her collaborative projects, she wants to spend time and energy on producing interesting stories which

would give voices to those who are often overlooked or touch upon important underrepresented


Currently she is in pre-production of another short film, developing her first feature film with director

Gabriela Gažová, while working on commercial projects.


short film, 1min, 2021

Short list 2021 Berlin Commercial


short film, 23 min, 2019

Winner Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 2020

Official selection 2020 Izmir Kisa Film Festival
Official selection 2020 Chilliwack Independent Film Festival
Official selection 2020 Cyrus International Film Festival of Toronto
Official selection 2020 Sunday Shorts Film Festival
Official selection 2020 Moscow Shorts International Short Film Festival